And the outcome is truly promising. A power of 510bhp and a torque of 720Nm enables the car to sprint in 5.0 sec to 100km/h. Thus, it really is a true piece of sports equipment - though the tuner's not contented with it which is why the engineers are currently preparing even more. Then, the black monster is qualified to master the standard sprint in half a second less. Translated, 0-100kmh in about 4.5 seconds. Full 600 horses pull the mighty steel carriage to reach this rate. Torque is 865Nm. Also very helpful in respect of the amazing acceleration rates is certainly the lowering.

A specially developed air suspension module enables reducing the ground clearance by 60mm for the use on the road whereas it can also be increased by 70mm for off-road rides. Front light covers and tasteful end pipes round off the extraordinary exterior. Under the hood, the Magnum is a sports car but the cabin's style is more that of a luxury sedan, since TechArt naturally offers retrofitting all kinds of entertainment and information devices as well as redesigning the interior trim to the idea of its clients, as customary at German high-class tuners. For more info see:

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