Whenever it comes to fine Italian cars, German journalists are automatically mad about their shape, no matter if Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati or Lancia. The Italians could attach four wheels to a bathtub, Teutonic editors would praise it enthusiastically, composing an ode on it. Despite this medial automatism, the masses thinks differently sometimes. However, cars from the boot-shaped country are exceptional in most cases and have to look so! This is inevitably deemed beautiful and emotive. And when anything ordinary appears in Italian metal, it causes hefty criticisms.

As Maserati dared to replace the boomerang-shaped rear lights of the 3200 GT by more ordinary ones - in accordance to the American taste, as they claimed - the German press condemned this a desecration of the most scandalous kind. Indeed, the strict geometrical cluster partition seems somehow too ordinary to match the rounded rest of the distinctive car. Right, all scathing commentaries were okay! Remarkable is that the concern hasn't bear out up to day! Wherever any lines are written on the Maser Coupe, the authors refer to this former lapse, though this questionable deed occurred many years ago. Even reports about the Spyder - that actually never had the original sickle-shaped lamps - can obviously not be done without mentioning what has happened with the coupe.

In matters of the all new Quattroporte, remarks concerning this story seem getting lesser. But also these items are sometimes printed on paper soaked with tears of pain and passion because of this re[ar]design. The matter has somehow turned out unforgivable here. But why the hell is Maserati not clever enough to offer the previous tail lights optionally? I don't understand! It can't be a matter of expense, after all it could be realised without any development efforts. And if its popularity is really so high, there should be lovers who would spend extra money on having a hand-made classic edition. Not sure if this supposed tragedy is a German problem only. But it is a freaky story worth mentioned in this magazine - in any event.

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