The renowned BMW refiner Alpina not only offers its unique Dynamic wheel for the distinctive premium automobiles from Munich but also the new Mini. The wheel's dimension of 18 inch is pretty big for the cute micro car from Oxford, U.K., and the round aluminium pieces look absolutely stunning on it. That's all? Okay, the width is 7.5 inch and the items aren't cheap. This is the message. That's all now - actually. But there's much more to report on this time because making this article turned out very tricky, unexpectedly.

First we asked for photos and information but the Bavarian firm did not react to our inquiry. No problem, we thought. Because, we knew that there is a Mini with this extraordinary Alpina wheel displayed in front of the Leipzig branch of the BMW group. So we went to that location at the other side of the town to take some pictures. And the sight was really proper for a few good photos, but sadly not for ones of the car fitted with the Alpina rims since a railing has thwarted presentable motifs.

That was why we had to contend ourselves with a few pictures of the wheels. Yes, you guess - we simply made a photoshop. After all we specialise in image editing and this is a very simple issue. As we said, no problem for us but nonetheless, this is pretty much expenditure for such a short report on such a small car. But that's just the way it is and though our photos aren't suitable to present the Mini and its wheels, we make one of them available as a wallpaper, because we know a few people who come here love more artistic stuff, not available anywhere else.

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