Recently we said we're gonna show the first tuned 997 when there's one out. Now, the GermanCarFans present the stunning new 911 by TechArt on their start pages but fast-zi-nation hasn't shown one single refined Nine Nine Seven so far. What a shame? Yes, because we didn't keep our promise. No, since we've recently presented unreleased photos of the same company's GT2. Admittedly, this is no 997 and thus no real substitute. But, you guess, that item wouldn't be made if there weren't a background story.

Ya, here it is: A few weeks ago, we discovered very good images of a tuned 997 from Tech Art. Only wheels were mounted to it. However, it looked great. The wheel spokes were painted in black and the blazing red brake calipers sticked very well out behind that dark foreground. Altogether it made great impression by its optical simplicity and thanks to well taken pictures it would have been worth shown in the form of a few wallpapers on our site. Initially TechArt refused to believe that we're really interested in showing a car with tuning rims only. A few explaining words had changed this, as it seemed, and as a stopgap, the tuner delivered the mentioned pics of the red GT2.

Very nice but something must have gone wrong with the 977's photos, we never received them - but an excuse for that instead. Because of strategic reasons we've later decided to make no further TechArt article and gave the 911-story up in favour of really unique highlights, in compliance with our philosophy. On the other hand we think the GT2 wallpapers are a pretty good compensation for Porsche lovers and enthusiasts of fast sports cars. For all who have missed the silver TechArt Eleven with full aerodynamic package, we have attached a few links next to the photo to sites that show the car

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