Yes, of course, this picture is a photoshop. This means we used another photo as a basis to create it. But we really don't want to conceal or deny this fact. Why do we mention this? We read in many forums that people explicitly remark that they are smart enough to find out that a picture of a car that doesn't exist yet is no real photo. It might be okay, just as searching for mistakes in the works. But we sadly noticed a few remarks that missed the context stupidly.

Recently we even read a commnetray of a guy who doubted that the car on our image is really going to be available with the shown paint. Mh!? We just liked that colour and turned it to this, but didn't intend to claim that it will a gettable finish. Yes, there is plenty of fantasy in the pics, and we don't want to say that the vehicles are going to be launched exactly as shown on the photo-
shops, even though we try to get as close as possible, by means of the few info we can get on such future projects. Okay, we also could make articles without pictures but would you like such things without any illustration?

On the other hand, many misunderstandings in forums are caused by lacking referrals to the story or false claims. Some stated things we indeed never said. For instance, sometimes guys state that says the car is to come as shown or with some of the features although our text says that it is under consideration or could come out like that. Clear thing, this destroys our credibility and, for sure, we do not like that. What can we do? Not so much. One thing is clearing the facts up. Such as by means of this text.

We honestly like to be mentioned in other websites but would rather renounce from any referrals than being quoted incorrectly. Please, if you would like to show something from here at any other site, set a link to our site so that everyone can get the right idea of what we say. Thank you . . !

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