Volkswagen has a great tradition in terms of sporty compact cars. With the first GTI in 1976, the car maker has been creating a trend setter. The heavier Mk II didn't come up to the first model's surpassing agile character and also the 136bhp 16V and the 160hp G60 were just replies to attacks of competitors such as Opel and Honda. With the 1991 MkIII, Volkswagen set a new hot hatch standard again.

Putting an upper midsize car's equipments in the compact car - including a 174bhp V6 engine - the VR6 model became a class of its own again. But, it wasn't labelled as a GTI and the even fatter fourth generation of the German best seller has finally ruined the remains of the GTI myth. In contrast, the top-of-the-line model R32 turned out an appropriated, but very much expensive, alternative.

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