But it only will be the fastest car of the line to 2007. To counterstrike expected attacks, for instance of BMW or Audi, Wolfsburg is preparing the implantation of a 3.6 litre FSI engine. As the displacement rate indicates, VW not only pays attention to competitive power but also to decent torque. Regarding the bhp rate, insiders report of at least 280, possibly full 300! And, just if required, the engineers could easily lure a few additional ponies out of the FSI motor.

But, gimmicks as direct gear shift box and four wheel drive also result in a few extra kilos. Which means, there is still potential for an even faster Golf. That's why a lighter Golf R36 version - perhaps as a limited edition - is conceivable as well, as the case may be to answer any attacks from Munich or Ingolstadt. Because, the leadership in the hot hatch segment is a main priority of VW boss Herr Pischetsrieder. Very good! We relish the prospect of experiencing the results!

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