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Recently we said that Audi considers implanting the RS6 bi-turbo on the new RS4. In some forums, this news was doubted, hinting it won't fit. And indeed, Audi gave the experiment up, it doesn't fit. Or, at least, Ingolstadt just did not went the way of Mercedes which has extended the front of the C-class to mount the AMG V8 in it.

The official reason for the aspirated aggregate [425bhp] on the fastest member of the A4 family is that Audi wanted to show that they're also capable to make a competitive engine of that kind in this performance class. For sure, truth is a bit different to what they tried to make us believe. With the A6, the car maker makes precautionary sure that trouble won't repeat, as it now has done a last-minute change by deciding to bring out the RS6 with a modified Lambo V10 instead of the previously planed charged 8-cylinder motor.

Since BMW is supposed to experiment with V10 engines significantly stronger than that of the current M5, Ingolstadt rather takes an aggregate of high potential. The flagship A8 is supposed to be fitted with the V10 powerplant too. But hopes for an RS8 won't be fulfilled, it will get an S8 badge only. The press reports power rates of 500 up to more likely 550bhp.

Although, this engine has potential, regarding horsepower, for numbers beginning with six. The question is if Audi is keen to counter the S65 AMG. If BMW will really launch a 7-series of this performance to rival the super fast S-class, Audi maybe changes point of view?! Regarding the lower end of the line-up, the Bavarians seems to observe competitors as well. Lots of rumours concerning evolution versions of the TT indicate that many options are considered, but when it come to realising one, courage seems to lack.

The same for the RS3. Conceived as a weight reduced racy version of round 330bhp, the concept is clear but there are currently no hints that Ingolstadt is really going to bring it out. This is not to say that the sportiest compact Audi will never be brought into being, eventually it only takes an adversarial impulsion. At first sight, future doesn't seem as rosey as last month news promised, the other side of the coin is that there are positive signals also.

Such as this, the RS4 will be available as a sedan for the very first time. As Audi said, this is a result of plans of launching more evolution models in the future. Sounds promising and maybe competition will provoke Ingolstadt into bringing some more of the prepared dream cars from the drawers to the road to rival the AMGs and Ms.

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