After the 450bhp RS6, Audi recently launched the Plus version. Main feature is an engine with 30bhp more. To be frank, this model is no real surprise. It's more a marketing gag to sell the old A6. Furthermore it was generally known that the engine had potential for more. Even more than the current 480bhp. How much it can perform is now being presented by B&B Automobiltechnik. The tuner fetches up to 625bhp from the V8 bi- turbo motor. And because this performance causes wear and tear, guzzles fuel and charges its owner's account, B&B offers four perfor-
mance levels of several bhp rates. Here come the modifications as well as the respective data:

Level One [ 515bhp, 610Nm ] about 280km/h
modified engine and gearbox management, V/max release

Level Two [ 540bhp, 640Nm ] roughly 300km/h
additionally: optimised intake ports, aligned injection and ignition system

Level Three [ 578bhp, 690Nm ] governed to 320km/h
besides the previous measures, larger turbochargers plus a special exhaust system

Level Four [ 625bhp, 730Nm ] governed to 320km/h
in addition to all above, adapted inter coolers and revised cylinder heads

A further refinement is the lowering of the car by a threat chassis, in addition to wheels measuring 9.5 x 20inch. But even when wider tyres are mounted to the rims, the evo Audi by B&B is not all too friendly to the rubber which is why the tuner restricts top speed to 320km/h. The link to the official company page is this:

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