Thanks to an extended engine bay, Mercedes has managed to store the 5.5l V8 in the compartment of the C-class' AMG version. Thus, the smallest sedan of the German premium make is compatible to its native rivals. For those who feel not contented with its power of 367bhp, Kleemann has the ultimate remedy. By means of its patented compressor systems, and the full range of thinkable mechanic and electronic engine treatments, the baby Benz cranks full 600bhp out.

Due to this mods, the rakish C-class takes 2 tenth lesser than 4 seconds for a standard sprint to 100kmh. Our managing editor Luzz has experienced this type of Kleemann engine on a CLK as a passenger and he still is enthusiastic about how the mad coupe has dissolved his rear wheels' rubber at accelerating without the wheel spin eliminating LSD, means ASR. 'It's as hefty as a full brake application on an ordinary car but, just the other way round', he said.

Naturally not on a supercharged Kleemann Merc. Here, the brakes are a tad more biting. On the tuned AMG C-class, six pistons per wheel press brake disks of a diameter of 396mm at the front. At the opposite axle, the related numbers are four and 342mm respectively. Governed to 300kmh, it doesn't run as fast as it could. In fact it's faster. The claimed sprint time of 12.5 seconds from zero to 200kmh indicates that it should be good enough for roughly 320kmh. Therefore it may said to be its class' fastest car - just a further Kleemann record.

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