Welcome to the new fast-zi-nation.de
After three years of constancy, time has come to refresh the look of our site. But its more than an optical revision. It not only looks differently but also includes the experiences of the last years in shape of technical improvements. The most obvious one is: it loads faster now. Another enhancement is its highly flexible structure. Also, we can update it more frequently now and, we'll do so. Lots of tuners are interested in getting their cars presented here which is why the number of introduced tuning cars will rise significantly. The following overview shows where you can find what:

1 Feature Topic
Here do N O T come the latest updates but things we want to draw special attention to. When being replaced by the next one, the feature articles move to the respective categories. Where they'll go to, comes here below

2 Latest News
Here are the announcing lines for our new news site. It replaces the news column on the left of our previous contents page. In addition, the date of the news and how we think about them is displayed here as well as the German sales and our monthly desktop calendar.

3 Tuning News
As we said, we are going to present more tuning cars in the future. Because of the mass of material, we will do it in various ways. Apart from the current kind of reports, they also could be introduced in telegram style. In any event, in this category you will find the links to the latest creations of the tuning industry.

4 Future Reports
Items about car makers' plans have turned out very popular and so we decided to create a separate category. You guess, this is the place where we announce such reports.

5 Trend & Lifestyle Reports
The rest of the main content is located at that place. Once again, also here could be some new stuff not previously displayed at the feature section.

6 Special Column
It has the same function as it already had at our previous site. Here are the things we want to present for a longer time span or, simply want to get specially noted

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