Recently, we here have introduced the 363bhp Volvo S60 R refined by the tuner MR Sweden Motorsport. But the North German specialist for the Swedish cars also knows what to do with other vehicles of the line. Such as the V70 T5. A power plus of 80bhp turns out that there must be some more than chip tuning only.

Naturally, this component is adapted to the other mods, but the main feature is a big turbo charger, complemented by special spark-plugs and a K&N air filter. To decelerate the 330bhp station wagon, MR has a high-performance brake system attached, which consists of brake disks of a diameter of 342mm, four pistons per disk, sport linings and steelflex lines. These things are mounted behind 19inch wheels, the tyres are called 235/35-19 and fitted to rims measuring 9inch in width.

The rest of the usual tuning stuff is also obtainable at the Lübeck-based Volvo refiner. What about chassis lowering by height adjustable shock struts, or sports exhaust system, or a few interior upgrades for the V70? Even a new paintwork can be realised by MR. The yellow one on the photos was also not sprayed by the paint robots in Sweden but the German Volvo tuner a few miles south. If you want to see more, click the small pictures below to view a larger version.

Pictures downloadable in the dimension of 1024x768 pixel
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