The difference between a man and a boy is the size of his toy, which could be why this one here is more women's choice. Nonetheless it is the best seller in the Lancia's product range. Thanks to its noble interior, wrapped up in nice body panels, the cute Ypsilon has won many ladies' hearts all over Europe. Thus, the fashionable small car from Bella Italia has also found its way to garages in which much bigger vehicles of even more prestigious labels park.

Housewifes and business women who prefer it more individual and sporting should know the name Novitec. The tuning specialist for cars of the FIAT group offers remarkable things for the little one. In the tuner's trim, the Ypsilon should be to men's taste as well. With large 18inch wheels, roof spoiler, side skirts, height-adjustable chassis and centred double end-pipes, its look points out: This Lancia is more than a four-wheeled Italian shopping cart.

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