By means of an effective front spoiler and tyres of a width of 215mm fitted to 8inch wide rims, the Ypsilon certainly makes great impression in the rear view mirrors of the cars in front. For the interior, the tuner's programme includes an aluminium pedal set and velour floor mats with the company's logo. 13 extra horses can be locked in the 1.3litre diesel motor which generates 70bhp as standard. The additional performance is a result of a modified control unit and a sport air filter.

Summed up it makes 83bhp. Thus, the runabout reaches a top speed of over 170km/h. These numbers might be not so amazing - at first sight but, the maximum torque of 228Nm should put it into position to traumatise ordinary middle-class car drivers, especially at lower speeds when sprinting from traffic light to traffic light. Altogether the Novitec Ypsilon is more than a rolling vanity mirror, it may said to be a competitive vehicle even in a man's world and, finally everything except a boring women's car.

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