Ferrari 575 Maranello by Novitec Rosso - front-left view

Novitec Rosso, a German company that specialises in Ferrari tuning now presents their new F575. The specialists paid attention to refining the 12-cylinder coupe appropriately. Ferrari boss Seniore Montezemolo is of the opinion that the sports cars' tuning makes no sense but Novitec Rosso shows a few things suitable to prove the opposite.

Ferrari 575 Maranello by Novitec Rosso - front and rear view

Front bumper and rear skirts match the car very well whereas the mighty rear wing might be a question of taste. Those who want to emphasise a sporty personality may be happy with this thing, others would surely prefer the F575 Maranello without that showy spoiler.

At any rate, the car doesn't need it as performance plus is moderate. Power increase from 515hp to 533hp is caused by a special sports exhaust system without central silencer and flap regulation. To make it perfect, the engine electronic of Novitec Rosso's F575 is adopted to the new device which conducts exhaust gases.

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