Ferrari 575 Maranello by Novitec Rosso - left side view

Thus, the Italian sports car reaches its maximum torque of 596Nm at 6300rpm. Revolution rates can be observed via rev counter with red or yellow faces since both options are offered. Also a speedometer ending at 360kph is in the programme of the company from Stetten, Free State of Bavaria, just as aluminium pedals, foot rests and sports steering wheels.

In matters of chassis, Novitec Rosso offers a coil over suspension adjustable to two settings. The NF2 light alloy wheel in double spoke style measures 9 and 12.5in in width and the suitable tyres are 255 and 355mm wide. Clear thing, the wider pieces are mounted to the rear axle. Diameter of the items is 19inch on the 575.

Besides the grip on the road, Novitec Rosso also takes care of that of the brakes. 8-pistons per disk at the front and four at the rear bites ventilated brake disks of a diameter of 380mm all around to ensure decent deceleration. These are pretty much things for a rare car like that but, the German Ferrari tuner's range for the F575 doesn't end up here.

Black tail lights and side indicators to match the unusual but not necessarily showy sports car can be ordered too. Especially those who like the 575 Maranello's GT character could prefer another, more darker colour than red, not only in terms of body paint but also lamps, thanks to Novitec Rosso.

Whether flamboyant with a big wing or noble and restrained in style with even darkened lights, Novitec Rosso's programme for the Ferrari F575 Maranello offers a lot, to several likings. Except of the engine electronic modification, all offers are available for the F550 too. Further information can be taken from the official website:

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