The Mercedes CL is soon to be replaced by a successor but the Benz tuner Kleemann has newnesses for prospective buyers and owners of this model, on the condition it is a CL65 AMG. The company settled near Copenhagen imposes an additional power of 127hp by an altered ECU on this model's engine that already generates truly fantastic 612hp as standard.

Keyed this numbers in a calculator, the display shows 739, as a summation's result. The same task with the torque rates makes amazing 1300, in Newtonmeter! Of course, a performance plus of that amount takes lots of measures to bear the stress it causes. But the Benz specialist from Denmark has the full programme for that on stock.

A high-performance brake system with disks of up to nearly 400mm, as an example, is listed in the firm's website, as well as wheels large enough to fit over it. And this engine upgrade is obtainable for all AMG models with this motor means, also for the S65 and the SL65. Kleemann can naturally provide almost every desired tuning accessory for them too. For more info see the tuner's website. [ see this article's link list ]

Keeping the top speed world record for 4-door sedans with its E-class, the S-class with this 739hp motor is surely capable to cover a few thousand meters more within 60 minutes, though the record already is 338kmh. But top speed is a theoretic matter. Acceleration might have an higher practi-
cable meaning on the road. The press text says no rate for a standard sprint.

But the torque/ weight ratio suggests less
than four seconds, even for the heavy S-class! Wow! Bikers would be very much surprised about being closely followed by a luxury car at a sprint from traffic light to traffic light. Also, the Danish CL is a looker. The tensed silhouette of the coupe and the 20inch TS6 wheel of the tuner is an impres-
sive and equally timeless combination, which will not even be impaired by the forthcoming new model.

Mercedes Benz CL by Kleemann - left side view

After all a big 2-door Mercedes is a classic by birth - as past had turned out. Sadly we cannot provide the wallpaper of it we want-
ed to, but since the upgrade is obtainable for other big Benzes, the splendid scissor-doored SL named Xtreme from Kleemann is downloadable here in the usual size, as an adequate substitute [ click pic above ].

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