Porsche Cayenne based concept Rinspeed Chopster - right-front view



Rinspeed is generally known for their unusual concept cars, traditionally introduced at the Geneva motor show. They not only attract attention but also give prove of the Swiss company's capacities in terms of engineering and construction.

Creating these equally innovative and extraordinary concepts is a clever strategy to make the company known all over the world. And it truly is - but not as a Porsche customiser, let alone other business domains of the 'specialist for speed' such as BMW tuning, designing powerboats and classic car restoration.

Company's from the sports car maker's home country, such as Gemballa, Ruf and TechArt, are significantly more noted as Porsche tuners. Even though one of the latest projects, which has been realised in collaboration with reputed German partners, the Chopster, had remarkably turned out that Rinspeed also deals with Porsche cars.

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