Porsche Cayenne based concept Rinspeed Chopster - rear-left view



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The extensively revised Cayenne appears as if it bases on Porsche's forth model line, not on a Cayenne. Those who would like to ride something really showy may order the Chopster. On the condition at least 325,000 Euros plus VAT can be spent on the car performing 600hp.

But letting meet 'Made in Germany' and 'Swiss Made' each other on ones car is available for less as Rinspeed offers a comprehensive tuning programme. What a rare advantage - the firm has a name of an exceeding reputation yet highest exclusivity in Porsche tuning!

As mentioned before, BMW is second brand the 'schwiezr Firma' [ Swiss German for ' Swiss Company'] deals with. May we take the liberty of guiding you to Rinspeed's website's sub page concerning the company's history? Just click the respective link next to the picture above.

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