GT 3.8l: Porsche 997 Carrera S by Gemballa - front and rear view

Two wallpapers
of Gemballa's Nine
Eleven come here..!


The front view of Gemballa's 997 offers a surprising illusion. Darkened indicators and an air inlet in 964-style at the hood make it looking pretty Retro. Some might prefer this look, although this only works on a black car. In this style the 997 doesn't reveal its very nature. Generating 23hp more than the standard vehicle, its 3.8 litre engine's performance is 378hp.

That enables the supposed 964 to run almost 300kmh. Could be to some AMG drivers' surprise when being outaccelerated by the old-fashioned Nine Eleven. The rear view clears it up. 2X2 end pipes indicate that this is no classic and experts are able to infer the real age from the tail lights. Of all aerodynamic parts, the rear wing sticks out most, not only in the rear view.

Gemballa's front bumper is equally very different to the genuine part which might only meet the eye in a brighter colour. As well, the dark paint conceals the unusual but gorgeous shape of the side sills that include air channels. Altogether the exterior of the Gemballa GT 3.8l looks great. Appearance may vary from racy to retro, depending on colour.

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