GEMBALLA GT 3.8L: Porsche 997 Carrera S by Gemballa: right-front view

Two wallpapers
of Gemballa's Nine
Eleven come here..!

Those who like it sporty, could be keen on investing on those offers of the Leonberg-based tuner that betters cornering attitude, shifting and steering. More dynamic manners can be installed by means of a stabiliser kit, suspension cross brace, aluminium subframe bearings and a shortened shift travel. In terms of sound, Gemballa has various exhaust components available. Chassis can be further refined by a double coil spring suspension and a set of 19inch wheels.

Sportier handling provides a sports steering wheel of a diameter of 340mm. And a set of alu pedals does definitely not lower the vehicle's centre of gravity but weight, however the amount isn't all too relevant. The letters GT in the introduced car's name stands for Gemballa's smaller 911 body option. Means, something wider is still to come. We already showed a photoshop of it. Just click here to see it

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