Porsche 997 by Rinspeed - right-rear view

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Rinspeed offers a very muted aerodynamics package. It's not so apparent but adds elegance and noblesse to the Nine Eleven. More than the add-on parts mounted to the lower edges of the body, the rear wing and the tuner's 19inch multi-piece wheels are drawing onlooker's attention to the sports car. Rims measure 8.5 and 11 inch in width. Also this is not as striking as numbers suggest since that rates are just standard.

When it comes to reducing ground clearance, buyers may select from a set of springs and a coil over suspension. The springs lower the Nine Eleven by roughly one inch. Converted to the official unit of continental Europe, it makes round 25mm. Regarding exhaust system, the well-noted company from Germany's southern neighbour Switzerland is offering various options - as it also is customary at the Teutonic competition.

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