B6: BMW 6-series by Alpina: front detail

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BMW refiner Alpina has announced its new 5-series-
based model B5 for this year's summer but the press was already able to provide test reports on the car in 2004's last month; since the firm has made a ride on a pre-production model possible to suggest prospective M5 buyers to take it into account as an alternative. And the tests' conclusions are promising. The charged 4.4 litre V8 engine generates its power of 500hp an impressive way. But not as spectacular as the M GmbH's offer - just as expected of a car of this origin. At the same time it's more comfortable without noticeable disadvantages.

B6: BMW 6-series by Alpina - right-front view

Also, the B5 is intended to be obtainable as a station wagon, in contrast to the M5. Top speed's supposed to be significantly over 300kmh since the same base engine had recently accelerated Alpina's 7-series to 311kmh in another test. And this also is a foretaste on the coming B6, Alpina's Six which will be fitted with the same power plant. Nonetheless, a few minor engine modifications can't be ruled out. It is scheduled for next year, whereas wheels are already available for the coupe.

Concerning the new One, the refiner from the Bavarian Alps has rims on store too, but there are no hints that a specific Alpina model on the compact Bimmer's basis is under preparation to join the line-up of the firm that points out on every possible occasion that it is no car tuner but an automobile manufacturer. Previously, the German BMW specialist had abstained from implanting its technology into the 3-series Compact - a vehicle of exactly the same segment. And this certainly was, after all, no matter of expenses or efforts - but philosophy.


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