This year, Leipzig has to be contended with hosting Germany's second biggest auto exhibition only, as the famous IAA is going to take place at Frankfurt in this September. This time we will aim in our reports at fast-zi-nation's main subject's highlights more than ever before. Means, we'll focus upon European sports and luxury cars including everything around their refining.

On the tuning sector, things are getting very exciting. Noted firms that once had attended such as Lorinser and Steinmetz resigned participation. On the other hand, the organiser of the show managed to persuade VW and Audi tuner Abt and Porsche specialist TechArt of checking the AMI out at a stand of the German car tuner association VDAT. Also the number of smaller tuning companies drops, as the exhibition's gain is not directly comprehensible and the will for strategic marketing declines in economically adverse times like that.

Concerning car makers, the situation is much better. Optimism is all around, even though the German market doesn't mirror this attitude, and it isn't expected to change very soon. Ferrari sadly didn't come back after last year's debut at Leipzig. However, another high-end manufacturer shows its cars for the very first time on the AMI, Bentley. And also the managers of the Chinese company Brilliance Automobile Co. Ltd have decided to join the event by celebrating their brand's Europe premiere. Altogether the amount of makes has increased in comparison to 2004.

The same for the number of premiers. Although, it can't uncond-
itionally be agreed to the organiser's definition. The Taxi version of the new B-class certainly is nothing that should be called one, even though Mercedes traditionally presents its Taxi models here for the first time. Maybe in contrast to Volkswagen's two world premiers Polo and Fox. The Fox is a refined model for Europe whereas the Polo comes as a comprehensively revised car. Main problem: In terms of international echo, the Leipzig show is outshone by the larger Auto Salon at Geneva that always takes place shortly before.

In terms of Germany debuts, the amount is by far larger. Over 40 new vehicles are introduced to the German public, amongst them Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Range Rover Sport, the M- and B-class from Mercedes Benz, the Indian Tata relabelled to City Rover, Alfa Romeo's coupe Brera as well as the new midsize sedan of the Italian make called 159 and Saab's 9-3 Sportkombi. Local hero Porsche is celebrating two Germany premieres. The Carrera GT and the Cayenne, both manufactured 2 miles away from the exhibition halls don't belong to them, contrary to the remaining two model lines, made in Zuffenhausen.

More facts can be found at the right hand of this text. We also will provide a few brief items and a big wallpaper gallery of our best photos from the show soon. It's completion is a question of time and thus hardly predictable at the moment. Meanwhile, we would like to refer to previous year's pics. Click here..!


Exhibit. Companies:
  450 from 23 countries

Exhibition Space:
  over 130,000 sqm

Range of Exhibits:
- Cars customised
- Car engine modification
- Off-road vehicles
- Vans/lightweight
  commercial vehicles
- Parts and accessories
- Car care products and
- Services for the sector

Exhibition Date:
  2nd to 10th April 2005

Opening Times:
  Daily from 09:00 to 18:00

Admission Prices:
- Day ticket: 9.50 Euro
- Reduced-price
  day ticket: 6.50 Euro
- Children's day ticket
  [6 - 12 years]: 4.00 Euro
- Evening ticket
  [from 3 p.m.]: 5.00 Euro
- Season ticket 19.50  Euro


Official Website
  www.AMI -

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