Porsche 997 convertible, Golf MkV and Lancia Ypsilon in white

No other colour, besides pink, is on cars in Europe as unpopular as white. In contrast to other important markets such as those in Asia and America. The depreciation of vehicles of this paint is immense in Germany and they naturally have the highest one at all. Even the Polizei [police] has changed their vehicle's look from white-green to silver-blue and almost each company's car is ordered in any other colour, though white was very usual a few years ago.

However, as Porsche and Volkswagen demonstrate, a comeback appears anticipated. Of all cars, the trendy new GTI is shown in this colour and also Porsche displays the 997 convertible in that body paint . In addition, Lancia and Alfa Romeo exhibit cars painted in white. Seems as if this colour's vehicles will earn higher re-sell revenues in the future.

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