Mercedes Benz representative Christoph Köpke being interviewed

Last years' not acceptable quality of Mercedes cars was and is a permanent topic in Germany's motoring press. Now, the new boss of the Stuttgart-based manufacturer has decided to spent much money on satisfying customers by means of about 1.3 million cars' callbacks. To proclaim the message, board member Herr Köpke was sent to Leipzig to comment on all critical points. Some 100 million Euros are planned to be used on this purpose which is supposed to spoil 2005's balance of the Mercedes car group.

But, restoring and preserving the reputation of the brand is more important and, after all the brand name is what Mercedes earns much money with. Journalists have expectantly noted the intentions. Of course, facts will show if Stuttgart really means business. Volkswagen already had declared obligingness also, but not only our reclamations in regard of defective design have been ignored. Pretended goodwill won't heal the image. Time will show if Mercedes is going to act really fair.

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