Mercedes Benz CLS by A_R_T - detail views

More than ever, fast sedans perform the power of super sports cars. Since AMG fits top-of- the-range models with aggregates generating over 600hp, offering rates like that is a must for Benz tuners that mean business.

By a white CLS, the Nuremberg-based tuner A_R_T presents its own way of packing this power. The car's innocent paint will certainly fool some German Porsche drivers, as this colour stands for something usual. To the German perspective, it suggests a poor standard model.

Err, the A_R_T Merc has thrice the power of a Golf GTI MkV. Over 600hp is all you need to know - the exact rate is 630. Mercedes aims at Jaguar with the sporty E-class derivate. In terms of power, A_R_T's upgrade makes any cat the hunted one.

Performance is mainly being achieved by an A_R_T supercharger and a reprogrammed ECU. Also the exhaust system including headers is tailor made. Further modifi-
cations relate to inlet manifold and gear box. Not only its electronic is modified, it's mechanically reinforced.

To use the full potential of the cat hunter, the speed limiter can be detached by A_R_T. In terms of wheels, suspension and interior, there's a lot available at the tuner to make the CLS matching the power, in terms of technology and look.

The wheel on this car names monoA_R_T and measures 19inch in diameter. Width is almost half that rate, says 8.5. But a 10 inch version is also obtainable and, truly recommendable at the rear axle to be fitted with tyres that enable as much traction as possible.

A carbon front lip can be ordered to round the measures off. By the way, rumours regarding a CLS from AMG generating over 600hp are still circulating. But when it really comes, it will hardly be as inconspicuous as this one by A_R_T.


Mercedes Benz CLS by A_R_T - left side view

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