GTR 750 Avalanche - Porsche 911 (997) by Gemballa [photoshop, right-front view]

In the shape of a photoshop, Gemballa presents its latest project. Its look and maximum rates of 750hp and 980 Nm make clear that this one is intended to play in the super sports car league and there, the standard sprints ends at 200kmh. As the tuner claims, this speed is being reached after 9.2 seconds, from a standstill.

Thanks to the GTR body kit, the wide Gemballa is a looker. The modifications are made from carbon and go very well with the 911's body's visible remains. Also brake disks of that material are optionally available. Another feature gettable on extra charge consists of plexiglass, the windows.

Sports seats, alu pedals, roll bars and lots of other racing-related accessories for the 997 are in stock at the Porsche tuner's premises too. At last, we give away a few tips how to get it. First ask Gemballa for a GTR 750 Avalanche and second, write a cheque out for at least 250,000 Euros. Further details can be arranged via

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