GTR 650 Avalanche: Porsche 911 (997) by Gemballa - front-left view


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With this refined, ultra-sporty and equally reliable automobile, Gemballa is continuing in its very own great tradition of sports car construction. The Gemballa Avalanche, Mirage and Cyrrus models from the 80's didn't earn their legendary reputation for no reason.

The performance of the 2006 dream car is already the first attention-getter. The Gemballa GTR 650 Avalanche's motor boasts a breathtaking 650 hp. Part of the motor's conversion by the Gemballa engineers included eliciting an impressive 820 Nm torque, guaranteed to bring a satisfied smile to the driver's lips already at 4800 RPM.

In comparison, the standard Porsche 997 model features maximum 400 Nm torque at 4600 RPM. The difference puts the GTR 650 Avalanche's sprinting qualities in a class all their own. The GTR 650 Avalanche reaches the 200 km/h mark in only 11.2 seconds, and its top speed leaves doubters in the dust: The irrepressible GTR 650 Avalan-
che engine delivers a maximum tempo of up to 335 km/h.

GTR 650 Avalanche: Porsche 911 (997) by Gemballa - left side view; small

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