GTR 650 Avalanche: Porsche 911 (997) by Gemballa - right-rear view


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But peak performance wasn't the only item at the top of the Gemballa engineers' spec sheet. The Porsche conversion specialists placed just as much emphasis on the safety and durability of the Avalanche. Titanium piston rods, an intake system specially developed by Gemballa, three intercoolers and a special turbo configuration ensure Gemballa pleasure for a long time to come.

And its lucky owner only has to share this pleasure with one passenger, because for safety reasons, from 650 hp the GTR 650 Avalanche is only available as a two-seater. Massive eight-piston brake calipers and accordingly sized 380 millimeter diameter perforated disk brakes make sure the Avalanche also slows to a safe stop.

The GTR 650 Avalanche sits on 19 wheels with tires sizes of 235 (front) and 315 (rear). The new 20 racing wheels are also optionally available, with tire sizes of 245 (front) and 325 (rear). For the particularly ambitious driver who would like to push the GTR 650 Avalanche's envelope, for example on the Nordschleife, Gemballa also offers an optional roll bar.

The new Avalanche's body and interior are equally as exclusive and unique as its driving performance and safety components. All of its add-on components are made of carbon. Fenders and sidewalls are all metal. And the future owner of the GTR 650 Avalanche can also look forward to Gemballa sport seats, a Gemballa sport steering wheel and aluminum pedals.

Starting at 240,000 Euros, the new Gemballa dream car becomes tangible sports car euphoria >>>

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