Our Tuning News section shows the latest creations of brand-linked tuners. And aftermarket part manufacturers come out more and more with concept cars to present their products. But sometimes there also are remarkable newnesses that can only be commented in passing. Such as this special bass box for the recent Mercedes SL, manufactured by the Cologne-based firm Mr dB Design.

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Being attached to the original rear seat fixtures, it can be removed at any time without leaving marks behind. The design is meant to mirror features of the dashboard, such as the air condition controls, while the lower end of the housing does perfectly fit the centre console's shape. Thus, a harmonious transition to this part is guaranteed.

The close link of the Mercedes SL and popular music is proven by a huge bunch of videos in which the splendid Benz plays a leading role. This bass box is our recommendation to all who intend to make impact by fat Hiphop beats and a video clip using the gorgeous luxury convertible to pump them out a respectable way.

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