Bugatti Veyron - front detail
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Also this time, news from the Bugatti project means a further item on it in our magazine. Volkswagen has now achieved the official confirmation of the authorities [TÜV, in this case ] that the Veyron is capable to reach targeted top speed of 400kmh. This pace should be possible with the production model, contrary to previous news. To lessen disgrace, Wolfsburg has apparently decided to enable this in a special mode which can be activated by the 'super' super [ no spelling mistake ] sports car's key.

We have no detailed information on what happens in this set up but it may not be said a speculation that everything electronically controlled is going to be adjusted to its extremest level to stabilise the car as much as possible. Critics object that even race tracks have no straights long enough to speed up to 400kmh. Okay, but also rates of over 300 are more theoretical numbers than of practical meaning.

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