Bugatti Veyron - rear detail
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Nonetheless, top speed is a matter of prestige though the Germans rather emphasize horsepower. By the way, 1140 units are deemed the final specification of the Veyron. Boasting about maximum speed had turned out not wise in the case of Bugatti, as known today. One number that doesn't meet Wolfsburg's anticipations is sales. Recently, a noted German magazine reported less than two dozens orders. Generally, supposed sales drop the closer it gets to the launch which is still scheduled for the autumn of this year.

What ever and when ever it comes, it will produce headlines - as the International press is certain to check capacities of the Veyron, so Volkswagen hands one out. Then it has to give prove of its talents, surely at the high speed test circuit at Nardo, Italy. Even though it's not expected to manage everything announced from the very start, it would be great if it 'at least' shapes up as the best sports car ever. Wolfsburg has afforded enough time and money for that.

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Part III
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