DEVELOPMENT AID: Mercedes A-class by Carlsson - front-right view


wheel matches
a Mercedes
Benz best?

Carlsson wheel

A simple one,
wants Merc tuner
Carlsson make us
believe and offers
an incredibly
modest wheel for
the cars from
'Shtoogard', as
the locals call the
firm's home town
See the rim here..!

More info on everything at the official website:

The A-class once has turned Mercedes Benz' line-up to a complete assortment. But this had turned out tricky, not in terms of prestige but quality. After all Stuttgart did not manage to offer in this price segment what customers usually expect of an automobile of this name. That's also why most Mercedes tuners weren't keen to follow DaimlerChrysler down to this class and ignored the dwarf with the trident badge at the grille.

With the second issue, the refiners' attitude isn't supposed to change although Mercedes has done lots of things to make the new A-class more precious. Carlsson from the German federal state of Saarland is one of those who deals with the Mercedes entry-model also. For the second generation, the tuner has recently presented its offers.

Aerodynamics parts belong to them as well as lowering springs, alloy wheels and a power upgrade for the diesel motor. On the press photo, the fine Carlsson details don't attract much attention. Neither the lowering nor the add-on parts stick out. It's a pity. So it takes a lot of imagination to realise which impression it makes in fact.

The shiny Carlsson wheels actually appear noble and are yet a real eye catcher. Also, the aerodynamics parts do surely good to the box-shaped vehicle. Indeed, all these measures are capable to add a touch of noblesse which the standard model lacks - even though the improvements aren't striking in the picture here.

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