Carlsson 1/12 BE Rad - the latest wheel by Carlsson

Carlsson introduces a new alloy wheel and the first impression is: It looks like a wheel cap. But, the general reaction were surprisingly positive at the Essen Motor Show, as we learned there. Since the first - and frequently copied - AMG rim, Mercedes wheels may be modest in shape.

Also aluminium rims of a more simple style have a right to exist, because size matters. The Carlsson 1/12 BE Rad [ German for wheel ] is gettable in 18 and 19 inch at width of 8.5 and 10 of the same unite. Even bigger is the UL version. Measuring 8.5 and 11x20, the dimensions suppress any associations with a wheel cap - as well as their polished finish and the nice deep dish of the wider option.

This is not the end! Here comes even more on this and the previous topic. Including a curious story from our editorial work. That's the A-class with the 1/12 wheel click..!

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