Lamborghini Concept S - front-right view from above


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FAST-ZI-NATION.DE concept car 'Lambonino'

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At the Geneva motor show, Lamborghini shows the Concept S, an exhibition car that provides a foretaste on the Gallardo Roadster, Spider, Speedster or what ever name the opened Baby Lambo will get. Of course, more interesting than the name is the car itself. The pronounced centre section running from the the bonnet to the rear, dividing the passenger area into two parts is for sure the most significant feature of the concept.

But we don't expect it to be brought into being on the production model, even though Lamborghini's roofless models usually excel in details beyond any practical considerations. Front and rear end are different to that of the production Gallardo too. Apart from the distinctive centre section, larger air in and outlets distinguishes the concept car clearly.

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