Lamborghini Concept S - right-rear view


Lots of rumours but only a few facts: Here come all about Lam-
borghini's future
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Lambo vs. Ferrari, our supplement recently provided two reviews on this topic click..!

FAST-ZI-NATION.DE concept car 'Lambonino'

This is our concpet car, created in 2001, yet before the Gallardo was out click..!


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Details like that could come back soon. Either on the open-air Gallardo or on the planned evolution version of the 'roofed' model. The lower part of the side profile is identical to the base vehicle whereas the window line posses a sports boat's shape as we already have suggested it at one of our Lambonino concept cars/photoshops a few years ago.

Altogether the Lambo Concept S has much of what we had put into our own Lambonino concept. Not necessarily in terms of look but personality and ideas behind it. It is pure, uncompromising and radical - just as it also is almost unthinkable as a Ferrari, which once have been our approaches to the topic - by the way, in 2001, long before the Gallardo itself was out.

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