Lamborghini Concept S - front view


Lots of rumours but only a few facts: Here come all about Lam-
borghini's future
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FAST-ZI-NATION.DE concept car 'Lambonino'

This is our concpet car, created in 2001, yet before the Gallardo was out click..!


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Consequently we very much like the exhibition car for Geneva. In Frankfurt, Lamborghini is going to present the production model at the IAA in this year's September. A few month later, in 2006, the Lamborghini Spider will arrive at the showrooms. The standard Gallardo engine with 500hp cranked out by means of 10 cylinders is expected to power the open version also, and not the motor's next stage which potentially performs 600hp, or even more.

But, the 500 option is enough to out-accelerate some bikes. Roughly four seconds to 100kph is outrageous for a cabrio and makes it a sports car of the sort we want a Lamborghini to be - translated: A real driving machine. Hopefully, it will posses much of the Concept S' features in terms of look when being shown at the Frankfurt motor show.

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