Land Rover Discovery by Arden - front-left view

As Arden Automobilbau specialises in refining Jaguar and Land Rover cars, also the all-new Discovery joins the programme of the company. Of course, the new multi-piece 20inch rim of the tuner is available for the Disco too. Tyres may measure up to 255/50 in this case. But there is much more, even though it is pretty unobtrusive. Such as the hand made mesh grille. It really doesn't meet the eye, as the indicators in the mirrors which are not on bord as standard.

DISCOTECH - LAND ROVER DISCOVERY BY ARDENLand Rover Discovery by Arden - right-rear view< click this image to view a larger version

The look of the rear can be spiced up by a rear muffler including 2x1 end-pipes. Aerodynamic parts, says front and rear spoiler are in preparation. And because the 2.7 litre diesel motor of the Disco is from Jaguar, the German Brit car tuner naturally offers a performance upgrade as well. 229hp and 510Nm are the results of the make over.

When it comes to the interior, the range of options is by far larger. Besides leather, carbon and wood trims, Arden offers all kinds of usual audio and multi media set-ups, as expected of a firm like Arden. Also custom pedals and a foot rest from aluminium don't come as a surprise. Nevertheless, these offers add finesse to the cool yet fine British SUV - when applied appropriately.

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