Bentley Arnage Drophead Coupe - Dashboard

Let's have a look insight. No mistakes here, everything is Bentley. Leather and wood trim is usual on luxury cars, profusion like that typical of Bentley cars also. Nonetheless, a lot of accomplished details crown the Drophead Coupe. The dashboard, known from the Arnage sedan, has undergone a revision and is even finer and nicer now. For example, the new covers of the controls at the centre console adds further understatement and noblesse.
AN ODE TO A GORGEOUS MOTOR CAR - DROPHEAD COUPE The side armrests that run from the large doors to the back are inspired by a classic Bentley archetype. Equally great, the round gauges' face colour that greatly match with that of the leather. All this point out how much attention was paid to details and the sum of them amounts to a stunning result, without question. So we rather let the text end here and pictures speak.

Bentley Arnage Drophead Coupe - interior view

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