The new 3-series is amongst Germany's most sold vehicles. And in terms of tuning, the new E90 is expected to reach large volume as well, also thanks to the sporty image of the brand from Munich. We here present offers of four firms:

> Hamann Motorsport
> Alpina
> AC Schnitzer
> Mattig

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3-series by Hamann Motorsport


Regarding add-on parts, Hamann Motorsport offers a front spoiler and one for the deck lid of the new 3-series.

Lowering springs are gettable from now, whilst further suspension kits will come later. When it comes to wheels, the Swabian company has mono- and multi-piece options available.

For instance in 19inch. This truly is a pretty big size but, one inch more is possible at Hamann too. In the near future, the tuner is going to provide more.

Not only a complete kit of aerodynamics components but also rear mufflers are in preparation as well as further light-alloys wheels.

E90 by Hamann Motorsport - rear section

E90 by Alpina

Alpina does still pay greatest attention to not being called a car tuner and we don't want to discuss whether or not attaching a set of nice wheels is tuning or something else. At any event, the company's Classic rim is available for the new 3-series too, which doubtlessly is the most traditional way of refining the new E90. Eight and nine inch wide are the 18inch rims, whilst both versions of one inch more in diameter are half an inch wider than the smaller ones. All Alpina partners sell the classic round aluminium castings. Prospective buyers of the company's edition of the new Three will have to wait, as the Bavarian firm usually invests much time on developing its accomplished automobiles.

E90 by AC Schnitzer - 2 views


AC Schitzer is a company that exclusively specialises in modifying cars with the blue-white propeller logo and offering lots of things for the new Three is a must for them.

Besides a full range of aerodynamics parts, wheels in several dimensions and looks are obtainable. Suspension components round the programme off.

Owners of the E90 can order a kit of lowering springs from now. But a complete suspension is soon to come too, if required including stabilisers and dome strut.

Rear mufflers are available for all engines offered on the new 3-series as well. Moreover, the 2.0 litre diesel motor can be upgraded to 200hp by chip tuning.

And for the interior, AC Schnitzer offers silver carbon applications, sports steering wheels, aluminium pedals, foot rests, hand brake levers and lots of other accessories.

E90 by Mattig - rear-right view
E90 by Mattig - 2 views of the front section

Shortly after completion of this article, we've got further images of the new 3-series of add-on part maker Mattig.

The company now presents its range of aerodynamic parts on a fully-tuned Three with chromium wheels and a lowering by springs at the rate of 40mm at the front and half that measure at the rear axle.

As we recently introduced the first drafts of the parts, we simply link to this article here..!. In contrast to the previous images, this car has a rear bumper with a different cut-out, one for two end pipes. But Mattig is presumingly going to offer both versions.

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