Attracting attention ain't easy for a suspension specialist. Its products are mounted in the depth of a car body and thus, out of onlooker's sight. To gain more interest, Eibach falls back on concept cars, realised in association with renowned industry partners, most of them with very similar problems. We really love that idea and will introduce some of the outcomes from time to time. This time, we present the project car Porsche Cayenne 3.2 Bi Turbo.

The vehicle was realised together with lots of companies such as HGP Turbonachrüstungen: Which means turbo retrofitting + K&N: Well known for so-called high-performance air filters but nonetheless looking for attraction + Remus: Exhaust systems + B&M: Short gear systems, in that case together with ZN Neufeind + MSD: Interior trims, from carbon here, + FoliaTec: window tinting.

The wheels are cast by BBS, the rubber around comes from Dunlop and Samsung introduces innovative cellphone technology inside the project car. Besides automotive suppliers which present their state-of-the-art offers and what can be done when money plays no role, the merchandising sector is even represented by a jewellery collection designed by Günter Weremkes and a watch creation from Rainer Brand.

All that bling items as well as the automotive features are described and explained en detail in the press text. We have attached this one here - although it says the Cayenne is made in Zuffenhausen. In fact, this Porsche was designed at Weissach and is manufactured in our home town, Leipzig. Last but not least, a terrific performance plus of over 80% is mentioned here to direct attention to the following pages decorated it with further images of the Cayenne, its interior and engine compartment.

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