Porsche Cayenne 3.2 Biturbo by Eibach and partners - interior

And they do this in two senses, because the progressive Eibach titanium springs (»Pro-Kit«) equip the Cayenne 3.2 Biturbo for a clearly sportier type of driving behavior. The taut spring characteristics and the shortened spring travel allow this exceptional athlete to react in a notably more precise fashion to steering input. Thanks to the Eibach springs, this SUV becomes a genuine competitor. Using tube material, the stabilizers were reinforced some 71% at the front axle and around 105% at the rear. This clearly reduces the leaning tendency of the car in a noticeable way, and therefore contributes to the extremely sporty driving dynamics of this project vehicle.

The look also corresponds to the high performance level. The body was lowered 35 millimeters with titanium springs, clearly giving the Cayenne a more muscular and dynamic appearance. The Eibach Cayenne 3.2 Biturbo sits on the asphalt like a top athlete primed for a sprint.

For the full realization of performance on the street, the high-performance »SP Sport 9000« tyres from the partner Dunlop were selected, at impressive dimensions of 275/35 ZR21 in the front and 325/30 ZR21 for the back. The »shoes« of the Olympian are fitted to the two-part, cross-spiked »RX II« rims from BBS. These premium, light metal wheels in 10.5 x 21 inches don't just compliment the external appearance; they also additionally make a greater surface contact area possible. The bonus in contact to the underlying surface in combination with the high-performance turbo aggregate and the improved suspension guarantee the best possible propulsion.

The powerful performance of the Eibach Cayenne 3.2 Biturbo is held in check by the sport braking system from our partner, Brembo. Eight-piston brake calipers and two-part, 34 mm thick 380 brake discs slow this Finnentrop athlete precisely and reliably. The sport braking system was adapted solely for the 3.2 Biturbo to guarantee the optimum in safety.

The sporty focus also continues in the interior. The short shift system from the American specialist B&M assures quick acceleration and pure motorsport feeling. The crisp, shortened shifting of gears in the Cayenne was realized in collaboration with the German company, ZN Neuefeind, making the sporty appeal evident with every gearshift. This feeling is rounded out in the interaction with the styled aluminum pedals, specially developed by Neuefeind for the 3.2 Biturbo.

This driving feeling is reinforced by a unique carbon feature in the vehicle's color (blue-black) combined with design elements in silver, a version exclusively created for the 3.2 Biturbo. Our partner MSD has developed an interior packet for the Cayenne 3.2 Biturbo consisting of more than 50 pieces and made of light but highly rigid motorsport material. The interior and carbon specialists at MSD constructed for this project alone a new dashboard, door handles, door trim strips and door entry guards. Even the switches on the steering wheel were manufactured from a carbon blend. Discreet window tinting by FoliaTec completes the interior concept.

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