Porsche Cayenne by Eibach - rear-right view

The Eibach Cayenne also presents a sporty and unique speciality in regard to its interior technical equipment. In the age of mobile communication, a comfortable and efficient solution makes a world of difference, especially in an automobile. This is why the brand new »SGH-E800« mobile telephone from Samsung, the official partner of the 2004 Olympic Games, was integrated into this project vehicle. This innovative cellphone harmonizes so well with the 3.2 Biturbo because it represents a unique mixture of top technology and attractive design.

For this extraordinarily attractive cellphone with its semi-automatic sliding mechanism, the Samsung engineers came up with something very special: »Voice Clarity« is what they call this feature, applied for the first time worldwide in the »SGH-E800«. The telephone automatically registers the noise level and volume of the environment, optimizing the connection accordingly. Naturally, this cellphone is also equipped with a variety of 'organizer' functions and 64-polyphonic ring tones. An integrated camera with flash and numerous multimedia applications are also par-for-the-course. All in all, this Samsung cellphone is a top performer that fits in perfectly with the top technology of the Eibach Cayenne and the Olympian spirit of the project.

With the Cayenne 3.2 Biturbo and for the first time in the history of project vehicles, Eibach has broken new ground in gaining the enthusiastic support of a partner from the field of extravagant jewelry and accessories. Designer Günter Wermekes, who is to thank in large part for the success of stainless steel in the jewelry branch, has designed a collection exclusively for the 3.2 Biturbo consisting of a keyring, a tie clip and cufflinks.

Inspired by the qualities of this Finnentrop Porsche, Wermekes' stainless steel is combined with cut diamonds. Uncompromising in design, convincing in function and with a perfect finish, this collection corresponds with the exclusive and sporty appeal of the Cayenne. Günther Wermekes sees his keyring as a reminiscence of the initiator of the project, Ralph Eibach, interpreting the theme of the »spring« in an archaic form.

The Cayenne Collection is completed with the exclusive timepiece from Rainer Brand. Under the motto, »The Fascination of Mechanics in Their Original Form«, this master watchmaker has projected a timekeeper for the Eibach Olympian; his sporty chronograph, »Kerala«, provides a first and most promising glimpse. Modern technology and the Cayenne 3.2 Biturbo partners work together perfectly in order to create a unique vehicle, just like the mechanical movement in the refined designer housing by Rainer Brand, where in order to keep time exactly, all of the cogwheels have to interlock perfectly with one another, driven by the centerpiece, the spring.

The Cayenne 3.2 Biturbo, the latest project vehicle from the tradition-rich Eibach company, is a true Olympian in every way. And it's not just the performance, the suspension and the many other modifications that make it that. Rather, it is first and foremost the unusual idea and the consistent continuation of project vehicles created with partners from a variety of industries; a truly Olympian concept, and one that could hardly be more fitting than in the year of the 2004 Athens games.

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