Annual highlight in the German tuning business is the Essen Motor Show. Numerous tuners celebrate their world premiers on this exhibition. Besides them also car makers show what they offer on this sector. We picked out the most remarkable newnesses. But, of course, there is a whole lot more on the most important German tuning show.

BMW 3-series station wagon by AC Schnitzer
A C S c h n i t z e r
The BMW refiners introduce their tuning items for the station wagon model of the new 3-series.

Just as with the sedan, Schnitzer is offering add on-parts, wheels in various styles and dimensions, lowering and interior styling.

In addition, tuning for the the diesel engines is offered. AC's Three Touring looks very fine.

C a r l s s o n
The noted Mercedes tuners are presenting very tasty things. For example, the all new 3/11 rim.

It is truly a masterpiece, the classic yet stylish wheel go very well with the luxury cars from Stuttgart.

Apart from that, tuning for the new S-class and the all new R-class is amongst the attractions at the booth of Carlsson
Mercedes S-class by Carlsson

Volvo S40-based concept car by Heico Sportive H e i c o S p o r t i v e
The Volvo specialists show an S40-
based concept car.

Besides the usual upgrades and accessories, cornering headlights and front and rear view camera point out that the specialists for Volvo cars have a sense for innovations.

Demand permitting, the car is go-
ing to be produced in a limited series.

T e c h A r t
A complete tuning programme for the all new Cayman is one of the newnesses of the Porsche tuners.

And as it doesn't come as a surprise, there is another, more surprising eye catcher: The Boxster widebody version.

Also a Porsche 911 Polizei [ police]
car in TechArt trim is exhibited on the Essen Motor Show.
Porsche Boxster widebody conversion by TechArt

VW Cross Polo V o l k s w a g e n
Wolfsburg present the fashionable Cross Polo. Actually this car is nothing new.

But with the facelift, the edition that was previously named Polo Fun has got not only a new name but some revised add-on parts.

No doubt, Volkswagen have also done the new version of the wanna-be off road Polo - that is surprisingly popular in Germany - very well.

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