Ferrari F430 by Hamann - front-left view

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Regarding tuning, Hamann emphasises motorsports. Of all cars, only a few suggest themselves for a conversion of that aim as much as the brand new Farrari F430. So the German tuner shows also on this car what they mean. Front spoiler; rear wing, diffusor as well as aerodynamic flaps make clear that this Ferrari is some more than standard. Also the used materials hint to racing.

Made from either fibreglass or carbon optionally, the tuner proves that they mean business and keep weight increase as low as possible. Power increase is remarkable too. A sports exhaust system including collector and catalysts enhances the Italian sports car's power by 49hp. Seems the additional name 'high-performance' is justified. Very noteworthy: A version with two end-pipes instead of four is gettable! That's understatement at its best!

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