Ferrari 360 Spider by Hamann Motorsport - left side view


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Hamann Motorsport is an auto tuner that beefs up nearly everything fine and expensive: Land Rover, Porsche, Lamborghini, even Rolls Royce and, Ferrari. Clear thing, the 360 is the most popular tuning car from Maranello, but the brand new F430 will certainly achieve this title soon. How extensive the tuner's range for the new one could be points this 360 Spider out. Lots of add-on parts ingeniously designed do improve aerodynamics of the iconic sports car.

Ferrari 360 Spider by Hamann Motorsport - artistic detail views

And while many enthusiasts are addicted to the 8-cylinder engine's acoustics, Hamann offers several exhaust system parts that not only generate a very special sound but also provide a few German extra ponies to support the herd of Italian horses. Wheels, lowering and brake system of the 360 can be upgraded by Hamann parts as well. Detailed information may be taken from the full text, available at the right hand of this page.

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