The Ferrari company boss, Luca di Montezemolo is of the opinion that one should not tune a Ferrari, but when considering the exclusive Ferrari 360 offer made by Hamann Motorsport, one realises that it must be done. The Hamann engineers have developed a large number of aerodynamic components which turn every 360 into a real designer piece.

It speaks for itself that all of the mounted components are optimised both with regard to the weight and the performance. One example is the Strada front spoiler which is of fibre glass, thereby ensuring that the front axle is subjected to a heavily reduced buoyancy. The sill wings emphasise the elegant layout of the two-seater and provide the sports car with an appearance which is even more sporty

In addition to the optical enhancement, the driving stability of the Ferrari 360 is also improved as a result of the Hamann aerodynamic components. Especially the rear wing which has a futuristic appearance, the end of the Venturi tunnel with a multi-part diffuser and specially designed air dam such as are used in motor sports, ensure that there is an increased output drive on the rear axle, thereby providing an even greater driving pleasure.

In addition, the specialists from Laupheim also designed a new rear middle panel with aeration and ventilation slits which guarantee an improved engine compartment aeration. The Hamann components are all available either in a carbon-kevlar fibre glass design, thereby providing an optimum driving performance. In order to provide an additional increase in driving pleasure, the Hamann engineers designed diverse chassis components for the Ferrari 360.

For example, progressively working sport chassis springs are available which, in addition to lowering the vehicle by 40 millimetres at the front and 20 millimetres at the rear, especially improve the handling. The sport threaded car chassis guarantees an even greater performance and also allows the car to be lowered by 40 millimetres. The specially matched shock absorbers and springs make the Ferrari 360 more agile with an improved steering accuracy, that is pure driving pleasure..

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