From the rear, one cannot fail to notice the Hamann stainless steel high-performance exhaust system. This provides the eight-cylinder drive with an increased performance of approx. 15 PS and a rich, sonorous motor sport sound which gives you goose bumps. The sport exhaust pipe is available in two different versions, either with or without an exhaust fume flap control system.

Hamann offers serrated manifolds and metal catalytic converters for all of the Ferrari 360 models, which provide an additional performance of approx. 24 hp. A delay to the exact point is guaranteed by the Hamann sport braking system for the front axle with slit and interior-ventilated brake discs with a dimension of 355 x 34 millimetres and special brake pads. The red four-piston fixed callipers take a firm hold and are a real eye-catcher.

This is especially the case in combination with the new Hamann Anniversary II light alloy wheels . The multi-component, forged wheel with its filigree spokes opens up a deep view of the sportive appearance of the Ferrari 360. Hamann supplies the exclusive wheel in the sizes 9x19 inches with 255/30ZR19 tyres for the front axle and 12.5x19 inches with 355/25ZR19 tyres being fitted to the rear axle.

As with all of the Hamann models, luxury, a motor sport feeling and individualism dominate in the interior. The specialists from Laupheim offer high-quality full leather seats of a unique quality. Those who want to have an even grater sporting experience should opt for the lightweight cockpit with racing seats.

A complete carbon interior including doorsill strips are also available to match. A Hamann roll bar is even available for the Modena Coupé. The exclusive set of Hamann floor mats with the illuminated Hamann logo if required, rounds the interior styling off.

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