Mini with LSD doors - right-front view

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LSD offers their scissor door hinges for two further models. Besides the French cabrio- coupe Peugeot 307CC, also the new Mini Cabrio can be fitted with that mechanism. Actually the Mini is a good object for attaching such things, admittedly when properly tuned. The one on the photo may certainly not be called so. It remembers us of an insect that has spread its wings.

A more flashy colour and a set of deep dish wheels would match more perfect in this case. Just as a decent lowering. Considering that the noted suspension specialist KW Automotive is owner of LSD, the appearance of the car, especially its ride height, is poor. Isn't it?

In that event, we find fault with the presentation. However, if a Mini tuning project is considered, this thing should be taken into account. LSD hinges are side crash tested and meet all German legal safety standards, which are very strict indeed. And, you just don't need to make an ugly thing like that on the picture.

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